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Fire Emergency Lighting Power Distribution Lines: Technical Requirements

Fire emergency lighting power distribution lines must meet the needs of continuous power supply during a fire. Because "high gauge" and "low gauge" have no specific provisions on the selection and laying of cables, more emphasis is placed on "fire protection measures". Professionals believe that concealed pipe is indeed an economical and reliable method of laying, and should be used whenever possible. However, since the arrangement of lamps for fire emergency lighting often changes with the decoration, the method of concealed installation is often difficult to adapt, so the laying of pipes or threading grooves is still a more common way. To ensure the reliability of the power supply of the line, fire protection measures that rely on metal pipes or closed metal trunking (that is, externally applying fire-resistant paint) are difficult to achieve in practice. The main reason is that the painting process is complicated and requires multiple passes. The quality of the pipeline site, weather, and human factors is difficult to guarantee, and it needs to be repainted after two or three years, and it cannot be implemented at all. Therefore, most of them are in the form of self-deception, and the fire resistance effect is not achieved at all. You should try to avoid this. the way. Therefore, professionals think that they should focus on solving the fire resistance and flame retardant performance of the cable itself. Fire-resistant wires should be used when exposed to metal pipes, and flame-resistant fire-resistant cables should be used when exposed to metal wire ducts and metal bridges. For built-in battery lamps, can the power supply reliability of the line be ignored? Theoretically speaking, the lamp has a backup power supply, which seems to have nothing to do with the external power supply line, but it should be considered that if the external power supply is reliable during the fire, the external power supply should still be the main source, because the reliability of the internal battery power supply is closely related to the usual management level. If there is no regular inspection and maintenance, once the external power supply is lost, it is difficult to ensure that it can be lit or the brightness is insufficient, so the reliability of the external power supply line cannot be ignored. For projects where EPS is used only as an emergency power source, since there are no lamps with built-in batteries, the introduction and distribution lines of EPS are like the lifeline of emergency lighting, and their selection and laying methods should be foolproof. Linsheng is one of the professional Emergency Light Manufacturers in China. Production of emergency lights, spotlights, jumpers, etc. We can provide you with high-quality electrical products. Maintain our price advantage and quality advantage to satisfy our customers. We have obtained ISO9001-2000 and BSCI certificates. Our products are exported to customers in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. We also welcome OEM and ODM orders. Whether you choose current products from our catalog or seek engineering assistance for your application, you can contact our Customer Service Center to understand your purchasing requirements.

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